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Governor Mark

Governor Mark is a national award. It is a quality mark which provides external evaluation of the quality of governance in schools and academies.

Governor Mark identifies national standards for good governance.

Governor Mark was developed to recognise the difference governing boards make to school and academy leadership and management.  It is a mechanism to achieve accreditation against an agreed quality standard.  There are many evaluation tools available which focus on process and actions, but Governor Mark is the only quality assessment process that clearly identifies the IMPACT of the governing board ON SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT AND OUTCOMES for children and young people.

What people have said

Thank you for feedback report and letter. These will go to the next Board meeting so that governors can reflect on what actions are needed to address the suggested improvements.

On behalf of the governors I would like to thank you for the rigorous and professional way that the whole process was conducted and the detailed feedback which will help shape our future planning.

The whole process was very enlightening. Firstly, our meetings are now a lot more structured around the actions we can take to have a positive impact. It was also an excellent opportunity to assess our ways of working, strengthen our procedures, highlight our strengths and weaknesses and discover what we can do to move forward as an effective, cohesive governing board.