About GLM Partnership

GLM is committed to the provision of high quality support and development for governance and leadership in schools.

Established in 2007, GLM works with partners to promote and support the Governor Mark process.

Board members are leaders in the field of school improvement and governance.  They have national as well as local profiles including work with all the partner organisations working in the field.

All the members have been involved in national projects with DfE / Aspect / NGA/ National College and CfPS. Two of our board members are National Leaders of Governance.

GLM Board Members

  • Claudia Wade: National Leader in Governance (NLG)
  • Maxine Ward:¬†National Leader in Governance (NLG)
  • Susie Hall
  • Martin Lawrence MBE
  • Phil Hand

Other Services

External Review of Governance

Please contact us for more information about External Review of Governance. All reviews are undertaken by NLGs (National Leaders of Governance) or Governor Mark Assessors.

What people have said

Thank you for feedback report and letter. These will go to the next Board meeting so that governors can reflect on what actions are needed to address the suggested improvements.

On behalf of the governors I would like to thank you for the rigorous and professional way that the whole process was conducted and the detailed feedback which will help shape our future planning.

The whole process was very enlightening. Firstly, our meetings are now a lot more structured around the actions we can take to have a positive impact. It was also an excellent opportunity to assess our ways of working, strengthen our procedures, highlight our strengths and weaknesses and discover what we can do to move forward as an effective, cohesive governing board.