Clerking Services

Why set up a clerking service?


Governing bodies are increasingly finding it difficult to recruit high calibre clerks.  In the past volunteers or school staff have been recruited to this role.  Expectations in relation to high quality clerking make recruitment from these traditional sources more difficult.

Where governing bodies have managed to recruit they can be disappointed with the standard of clerking as insufficient time is devoted to this role underestimating the level of committing to training and development needed to ensure effective clerking.

Benefits to schools

An effective LA trained clerk will provide governing bodies with a professional approach which will enable them to focus more effectively on there strategic role and support and challenge. 

Governing bodies will be able to focus on the issues, rather than processes and legislative detail. 

Effective clerking can also be used as a intervention strategy in schools causing concern. 

Benefits to your service

  • Knowledge about your schools

A clerking service can be your 'eyes and ears' alerting you to issues so that you can indentify support early.

  • Effective working relationships

Our experience shows us that good LA clerks are highly valued by there governing bodies and this has a significant impact on reinforcing positive relationships between the governing body and the LA.  

  • LA intervention

A LA clerk can be a rapid and effective way of supporting and developing governing bodies to support school improvement.

  • Service growth and development

An effective clerking service will provide significant income generation and an additional resource to further develop your service.

  • Quality

Our experience shows that, delivered to high quality standards, a clerking service will grow very quickly without requiring a great deal of publicity.